MIDAS and Career Development

from Branton Shearer at www.MIResearch.org

I received the following update from Mayra Ruiz, MIDAS director in Puerto Rico. This initiative was instigated by a dynamic and inspirational group of instructors and has snowballed to all four campuses: Hato Rey, Mayaguez, Manati, Bayamon and Arecibo. It is gratifying for me to hear that the work continues despite the challenge they had recovering from devastating hurricanes.

Greetings Branton,

At the Career Institute of Puerto Rico (ICPR) Junior College, MIDAS is finally given the importance it deserves and for which I have fought for many years. It is in the plans of the President, Dr. Olga Rivera, to use MIDAS for 2019, as a tool to promote our Institution.

Over the years, ICPR has used MIDAS for:

  1. Teaching: Objective: Increase Retention and Graduation rates
  2. Training the Faculty: Objectives: 1. Influence how to offer classes. 2. Upgrade to the Faculty in Technology.
  3. Recruitment: Objectives: 1. Locate students in careers according to their intelligences. 2. Provide the Admissions Officers with the offers they should emphasize.
  4. Sales and marketing: Objectives: 1. Identify the best way to sell the programs, according to the prospect’s ability to solve their problems. 2. Advertising campaign regarding MIDAS.

For several years now, I have been working with MIDAS and to get the most out of it.

Sincerely, Mayra Ruiz, Career Institute of Puerto Rico (ICPR) Junior College