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hand_juggle_IQ_symbolsWelcome! This blog is devoted to the discussion of the multiple intelligences. Topics include: What’s New?  MI in Classrooms. The MIDAS Profile. MI and Common Core. MI for Parent’s. MI School-wide. MI for Counselors/Psychologists.

MI made its debut in 1983 in Howard Gardner’s landmark book, Frames of Mind, and it has not stopped being of influence around the world since. 31 years might seem like a long time but in the history of ideas, it is not. Even the much heralded IQ had a rough start for the first few decades of the 20th century. The fundamental question today is, How are you using MI to make a difference in people’s lives for the 21st century?

The massive evolution of neuroscience evidence has pretty well answered doubts about MI validity. Today such concerns are only of importance to traditionalists who are mired in outdated technology and ideology. Of course, any disruptive innovation is going to spark a backlash from those committed to what worked in the past. It took more than a decade for the automobile to put a dent in the sales of horses and buggies. Horse breeders were not happy. Many fine leather buggy whips were created while automotive tinkers were engineering the future. Human progress takes place in fits and starts.

I am heartened everyday to hear success stories from educators around the world. We need to keep sharing these important stories and sparking the imaginations of people committed to the development of human potential- for all of us every day.BS_Smiling_Vision_2signature_sm

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