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Many of my books are designed to maximize the benefits of The MIDAS Profile. The purchase of The MIDAS profile in English is managed by Assn. for MI in the Netherlands along with the Dutch language version- contact Frits Schoeren ( and . The Singaporean adaptation is available from Henry Toi at NurtureCraft ( The Chinese translation is available in Taiwan (complex) and China (simplified) from the Psychological Publishing Company (
Branton Shearer, Ph.D.

Common Miracles in Your School: MIDAS Handbook.

Creating Extra-Ordinary Teachers!

MI@25: The Future and Impact of Multiple Intelligences

The MIDAS Challenge! Career Success


The MIDAS Guide to Career Development

Your Amazing Brain-Discovered!

Multiple Intelligences Inspired! A Common Core Toolkit

One Family- Many Remarkable Brains!

The MIDAS: A Professional Manual

MIndful Education for ADHD Students: Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction Using Multiple Intelligences

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