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Who We Are

MI Research and Consulting is led by Dr. Branton Shearer. The twin focuses are currently to support MIDAS Profile providers in centers around the world and explore how the  mulitple intelligences can benefit the development of human potential.

Our Mission

The mission of MI Research is to help people understand themselves better for education, career planning, leadership development and personal satisfaction. It is also a goal to provide scientific evidence regarding the validity of the multiple intelligences.

Our Vision

The ultimate goal is to use MI theory to help all people to further their intellectual development and life satisfaction. A secondary goal is to help educational institutions to use MI theory to promote the development of students who struggle in the traditional academic subjects requiring the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences.


Providing High Quality Solutions For
Implementing the Multiple Intelligemces

We Have More Than 30 Years Practical Experience

The MIDAS assessment has been implemented and tested in more than 20 different countries. It has proven to be useful for educational, business and personal development. It serves the needs of people at all age levels and and a wide variety of abilities, including, special needs, typical students and those students judged to be gifted or talented. All people can benefit from greater self-knowledge and understanding their unique MI profiles.


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