Emotions, Learning, and the Brain

by Sarah Sparks and Mary Helen Immordino-Yang

Emotion steers our thinking; it’s the rudder that directs our mind and organizes what we need to do.” This is the conclusion of neuroscientist Mary Helen Immordino-Yang at the Brain Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California.

There are several thought provoking quotes worth noting in this article:

“The ability to feel passionate about something is a skill.What we need to teach kids is that feeling passionate about something doesn’t just fall into your lap.” Rather, students can learn how to take interest in subjects that aren’t immediately entertaining.

Three Tips for Teachers:

1- Give students open-ended problems that force them to dig into the definition of the task itself.

2- Encourage students to recognize and use their own academic “intuitions” while learning…

3- When trying to improve students’ emotions in the classroom, focus on adding meaning to content the students are working with . . .

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To learn even more see Dr. Immordion-Yang’s book: Emotions, Learning,  and the Brain.