Empathy is Academic

+From Branton Shearer, MIDAS Blog,  Feb. 19, 2019

Empathy is Academic: Lessons from Lotus Slippers by Naomi Priddy.

This recent article in ASCD’s Education Update spotlights the importance of interpersonal intelligence.  

How can teachers draw students out of their point of view and break through cultural stereotypes when becoming familiar with other cultures?

This is a challenge not easily overcome by the standard lecture or reading the chapter in the text. Facts alone do not engage one’s interpersonal intelligence.

Priddy summarizes her approach in her book China Educator’s Toolkit this way:  

“I divide academic empathy in the social sciences into three categories: historical empathy, pushing students outside presentism to understand people living in other times; cultural empathy, engaging with contemporary cultures outside of students’ experiences and challenging students’ cultural biases; and social empathy, building activities in which students learn to listen to one another’s perspectives and collaborate to form new learning.”