Exploring Careers with Jenny

The following client sketch is provided by Joe Casey of Casey Consulting, Ireland, http://caseycareers.ie/

Jenny is an 18-year-old who loves sport. She is very involved in hurling and football at club and county level with county and All-Ireland under 16 minor hurling medals.
She’s also heavily involved with venture Scouts, is a scout leader and loves interacting with others. She was a big reader but is less so in recent years. Jenny also liked to argue and was involved with a young entrepreneurs venture at school – apparently they had very good sales, with a large margin.

Jenny’s MIDAS profile (see below) showed her highest scale scores as Kinaesthetic, Linguist and Interpersonal and lowest as Naturalistic. These and her top Skills of Athleticism, Effectiveness, Rhetoricical, Persuasion, Reading/Writing, seemed to perfectly correspond with the activities she devotes most of her time to.

As we explored all university and career options Jenny showed a preference for studying subjects such as economics, business, psychology, philosophy, law and possibly even medicine (although she didn’t find the lifestyle appealing, and her Science skill was among her lowest on the scale). Once we had delved into each of these in detail, covering what she’d learn and the skills she’d use/develop Jenny subsequently indicated a preference for studies in Law or Business & Law.

It appears that the MIDAS mirrored Jenny’s understanding of herself and how she’d like to develop for the next phase of her life.