Fewer Kids are Reading Books for Fun . . .

child_ed_head_symbolsThis headline in the weekend newspaper caught my attention…and disturbed me. I have found reading books for fun to be one of my life’s great pleasures. An even more disturbing fact associated with this decrease in reading-for-pleasure is this quote, “…only 17% of all children surveyed reported having time to read a book of their choice at school daily. Just 10% of 12- to-14-year olds and 4 percent of 15- to 17-year olds reported having that time in class.”

4% of high school students are given free choice time to read!?! It makes me think that a week at school is more like clocking in at the test prep factory than it is a world where a love of learning is nurtured.

A study conducted by Scholastic publishing as reported in the New York Times.