Goal Setting: Make it work for you!

Goal setting can be tough. How many goals is the right number? Is two too few or six too many?  Kevin Eikenberry does a good job of giving tips for creating two types of Goal Lists: Type 1: the 3 – 12 month list and Type 2: the Big Picture Lifetime list. He says that it isn’t the number of goals on the lists that matter, but instead, “…keep your focus on a few meaningful goals at any given time. With this dual-goal approach you will achieve more of them faster than with any other method.” The trick to regularly monitor your lists and move items from one list to the other. Be sure to keep in mind those Big Picture Life Goals as items are added to or removed from the near term list.

This sounds like practical advice for building your INTRAPERSONAL intelligence!


by Kevin Eikenberry Tribune News Service