Your Liberal Arts Degree – So what?

Some people wonder what good is a liberal arts degree in today’s high-tech, health and service


focused world.  This can be perplexing if you expect to get the perfect job upon graduation. Columnist Brianna McGurran recently gave some advice how to make the most of your newly minted bachelor’s degree that makes sense to me.  Below is the link to read her column. What strikes me about her advice is how well it comports with MI theory and the MIDAS process.

Several points worth noting:

  1. Own your skills. “Students don’t necessarily know how to identify the skills that they’re gaining or to talk about them in a way that sells them to an employer.
  2. Get Practical “Before you graduate, hone in on what excited you by volunteering, working part time, joining extracurricular clubs and taking on internships.
  3. Step One. “Remember, too, that your first job is a single rung on your career ladder. Each step is going to give you something, whether it’s a specific skill or an insight….”

Worth reading!