Low grades for Common Core tests

PARCCA survey conducted by the Ohio Senate Advisory Committee on Testing of educators and school administrators who have been involved in the roll out of PARCC and AIR tests found great dissatisfaction. What is noteworthy is that this negative finding wasn’t just for a vocal minority of Common Core opponents, but instead is widespread at all levels. The negativity rating was 100 – 1 among teachers. Out of 353 school superintendents only one “strongly agreed” that the new tests went well, while 108 “strongly disagreed.” School principals were more moderate in their appraisals, but still a majority gave the tests a negative rating for both time and quality.

 Are these simply growing pains as the Core testing launches or does it represent a systemtic and long lasting opinion?  These results make me wonder how the Common Core tests are being evaluated in other states? Is Ohio unique or typical?

Lastly, if these very negative reviews remain widespread and robust, will the government listen? Or will they make the same mistake as they did with NCLB and shove the testing cart ahead of the horse up a very steep hill?

I guess only time will tell, but the current negativity is noteworthy for depth as well as breadth.

Read the full results here:  http://sact.ohiosenate.gov/