M.I.S.T. Project ~ You’re invited!

MI in the Brain!

Multiple Intelligences as Scientific Theory

I have launched this project to investigate the neuroscientific bases for each of the 8 intelligences. This is a massive project that will take  a number of years and many cooperating investigators to accomplish.

Howard. Gardner and Michael Posner are advisers to this effort. I am thankful for their guidance. I find it too easy to get lost in the tangled web of those 100 billion neurons as reported in the neuroscience literature.

I am also grateful for a number of eager volunteers who are Harvard Graduate School of Education students or graduates. They bring enthusiasm for MI to this daunting task. We are beginning with a review of the neuroscience literature to see how well recent findings compare to what Dr. Gardner predicted more than 30 years ago.

You, too, can get involved in this exciting project!  learn more here…