MI International School Launches MIDAS Project

MIIS_Grp_Photo2Faculty at the Multiple Intelligences International School in Quezon City, Philippines have begun their journey to implement the MIDAS with their students. They started by having all teachers do their own profiles and then participated in a 90 minute Skype session. I am very happy that this dynamic school has chosen to use the MIDAS because they are obviously already doing excellent work with their students. During our session we discussed how to maximize the value of the Profile for both parents and students by facilitating an exploration that I call a “dialogue of discovery.” I look forward to hearing reports back from their MIDAS efforts and hope to pay a visit to the school and meet these dedicated teachers in the near future.

Curriculum Head Yzobelle Leon reported after the session, “Hearing how you explained made it really very interesting. You are right! There are so many things that can be done with it. I took down notes that we can possibly do to thresh out more data from the profiles and thus maximize them in the process.”

To learn more about this school visit:  www.mischool.edu.ph  The MIIS was founded by Joy Canon-Abaquin in 1996 and has been cited by Howard Gardner as an exemplary school using the MI framework.