MI Networking Celebration! at BCO in Venlo, Netherlands

BCO_networkThe program for Saturday, November 7th is as follows:

10.00: Walk with coffee and Limburg flan

10:30: Opening

10:45: Presentation by Haiko Jessurun, clinical psychologist / psychotherapist

  • “Mentalizing”
  • A first impression of Midas Jobs

11:30: Presentation of Branton Shearer, neuropsychologist

  • An explanation of MIDAS as a tool for selection, intake and coaching.
  • MIDAS and leadership

13:15: Presentation of Marjolein Bodegom, cognitive psychologist

  • The MILS, Multiple Intelligence Learning strategies, you get insight into what the best way is for you to process information and remember. If you know this you can design most effective learning strategies: You can learn easier and faster, with more fun! Drs. Marjolein van Bodegom let us meet in an interactive session of 1.5 hours with the MILS, learning strategies and teaching aids. She gives new insights and tips to take in relation with MIDAS.

14.45: Presentation Noud de Ponti, educational

  • What can we learn from all of the data collected and collated are following the reduction in MIDAS with students of “The Newest Pabo” in Sittard?

15:15: With each other in conversation.

16.00: Closing with a drink.

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