Existential Thinking

Existential Investigation

What is Existential Thinking?

. . . explores the nature of existence in its multifarious guises. Thus, an explicit concern with spiritual or religious matters would be one variety – often the most important variety – of an existential intelligence. To be concerned with “ultimate” issues of life and to engage in transcendental concerns.  H. Gardner, 1999, chapter 4, p. 60.

This information packet orients the reader to what is described by

Existential Thinking and how it differs from other concepts.

Existential Information Packet

Existential Intelligence vs. Spiritual

Many people wonder how spirituality is related to

Existential thinking. Gardner explains the differences in his book, Intelligence Reframed (1999).

read excerpt here.
Spiritual as Concern with Cosmic or Existential Issues

Education and Existential Intelligence

What might be the implications for adding Existential considerations to an educational curriculum? Is this already happening in private and religious schools based on a theoretical foundations?

Education and Existential — paper – click

This paper provides a detailed understanding of the Existential Thinking concept and its learning / educational applications.

A group of teachers provided feedback on the MIDAS – SET scale and then reflected on the implications for adding Existential thinking to the school’s curriculum.

Teachers’ Feedback on SET – click

MIDAS – Scale for Existential Thinking

In 2004 I created the MIDAS Existential questionnaire to examine several important aspects of Existential Thinking and activities.

See the SET questionnaire – click
Research with SET – Scale for Existential Thinking – click
What does it mean to be skilled at Existential Thinking?
Read about the proposed five levels- click
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