Certified MIDAS Administrators


MIDAS users can become Certified by contacting Assn. for Multiple Intelligences in the Netherlands for in-person and online training programs:


Frits Schoeren



Maria Isabel Ramirez Garcia

Culiacan, Mexico

Practitioner Level Sept. 26, 2019

Sumanth C K

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Foundations Level April 10, 2019.

Eight new MIDAS administrators were recently Certified at the Practitioner Level by Frits Schoeren and Helga Hohn. This event was sponsored by the Assn. for Multiple Intelligences Foundation in Reijmerstok, Netherlands .

Besides the photo and article about it:

News Article

Congratulations to 8 new MIDAS Practitioners!

On April 15, 2019, the aMI Foundation awarded the MIDAS™ Certification Practitioner / Coaching to 8 enterprising coaches.

This mixed group of coaches, working in Education, Consultancy, Crisis Coordination, Healthcare, Management in government service, have shown that they can apply the MIDAS in group processes to support managers and their employees, boards of organizations, colleagues, coachees, in their group dynamics and talent development. advise and guide.

The aMI Foundation congratulates Clarien Schoeren, Danielle ten Berge, Eugène Zaaijer, Ilona Nawijn-de Bruijn, Marieke Claessen-Lemmens, Maurits Uipkes, Monique van Vliet-de Jager and Stephanie Colenberg on their achievements and wishes them every success with the applications of MIDAS.

Nurture Craft in Singapore has sponsored a group of new MIDAS Practitioners.
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