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Success in any career requires a combination of two, three or more intelligences working together. You may learn more about how each of the eight intelligences are related to specific career paths by reviewing the short lists below and then exploring any websites that are of particular interest to you. It is best to begin by listing two or three careers in your top two MI strengths that attract your attention. You can visit websites matched to your top three or four MIDAS subscales to gain more detailed information.


Combine your top strengths into a dream career with this worksheet


‑music teacher
‑disc jockey

‑song writer
‑music critic
‑choir director

‑sound engineer
‑recording technician
‑manager / promoter
-band leader

Websites: General Information on Careers in Music: Artists House Music:
Music Entrepreneurs:
“The music business has always rewarded entrepreneurs, and those who can apply their artistic and creative imaginations to business are the same people that succeed at the highest level and on their own terms. Learn about the music business of today and tomorrow, and the strategies you can employ for success.”

Music Education:“Music educators provide a vitally important link between the present and the future. There are few things in life as rewarding as teaching someone to express themselves musically, whether they’re 8 or 80 years of age. Developing the next generations of musicians and music lovers is a key responsibility for a career in music education.

MIDAS Subscales

VOCAL- Vocal Ability: a good voice for singing in tune and in harmony in Vocal Performance – Singing Careers
ttp:// – Cruise and Theme Park Jobs

INSTRU-Instrumental Skill: skill and experience in playing a musical instrument – Playing Music as a Career

“Learn keys to success based on the personal experience of experts and veterans of the music business. Instruction, advice, guidance to provide you with tools to make it in music business of today &tomorrow.” – A Career as a Musician

COMPOSE- Composer: makes up songs or poetry and has tunes on her mind – Professional Songwriting Assn. of Composers

MUSAPP- Musical Appreciation: actively enjoys listening to music of some kind – Careers in Music Recording


‑rodeo rider

‑stunt man

‑physical therapist
‑sports trainer
‑drama coach

‑building trades
-aerobics teacher

ATHLE- Athletics: ability to move the whole body for physical activities such as balancing, coordination and sports – Careers in Sports – Careers in Fitness and Exercise – Careers in Coaching

DEXT- Dexterity: to use the hands with dexterity and skill for detailed activities and expressive moment – Careers in Acting – Careers in Acting, Producing & Directing – Careers in Dance – Careers as a Magician – Careers in Entertainment




‑public relations


EXPRESS- Expressive Sensitivity: skill in the use of words for expressive and practical purposes – Careers in Public Relations – Careers in Free Lance Creative Writing – Use Story Telling to Advance Your Career – Boost Your Career with Story Telling
– Professional Story Telling
RHET- Rhetorical Skill: to use language effectively for interpersonal negotiation and persuasion – Advanced Public Speaking Institute – Education for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
WRITING- Written-academic: to use words well in writing reports, letters, stories, verbal memory, reading / writing – Careers in Writing – Careers in Journalism – Careers in Journalism Writing


‑records clerk
‑financial services

‑lawyer, paralegal
‑inventory control
‑electrical engineer
‑systems analyst

‑computer programmer

‑investment broker
‑mechanical engineer

EVYDY- Everyday Math: to use math effectively in everyday life – Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks
SCHOLMATH- School Math: to perform well in math at school Statistician – Engineering
PROBLSLV- Everyday Problem Solving: able to use logical reasoning to solve everyday problems, curiosity Safety Specialist- Food Service Products Customer Service Representative Help Desk Analyst – Mechanical Engineering
LOGGAM- Strategy Games: good at games of skill and strategy – Video Game Careers|+design+game+careers&sendroicid=434b26d7-48cc-4ef3-b779-602e8ae5acf5&sendroiad=798685572&sendroikwd=design+game+careers

– Digital Entertainment and Game Design

– Game Development


‑child care

‑social worker

‑consumer services
‑probation officer
‑recreation aide


SENS- Social Sensitivity: sensitivity to and understanding of other people’s moods, feelings and point of view – Counseling Careers – Careers in Counseling & Psychotherapy – Counselor Education
PERSUAV- Social Persuasion: ability for influencing other people – Sales Careers Online – Marketing, Sales and Related Careers – Advertising and Public Relations
PEOPLE- Interpersonal Work: interest and skill for jobs involving working with people – Careers in Nursing – Careers in Child Care – Child Care Workers – Police Careers – Parole Officer Careers


‑child care

‑social worker

‑probation officer


Websites: PERSKNOW- Personal Knowledge / Efficacy: awareness of one’s own ideas, abilities; able to achieve personal goal
– Calculations: meta-cognition “thinking about thinking’ involving numerical operations
– Spatial Problem Solving: self awareness to problem solve while moving self or objects through space
– Effectiveness: ability to relate oneself well to others and manage personal relationships


‑animal trainer

-culinary science



Animal Care: skill for understanding animal behavior, needs, characteristics
Animal Care Workers – Farmers, Ranchers and Agricultural Managers
– Plant Care: ability to work with plants, i.e., gardening, farming and horticulture
– Agriculture and Food Scientists
– Science: knowledge of natural living energy forces including cooking, weather and physics

Chemists and Materials Scientists
Environmental Scientists & Geoscientists


‑landscape designer
‑interior designer

‑seamstress, tailor

‑graphic design
‑fashion designer

‑set designer
‑urban planner

‑film editor
‑makeup artist
‑commercial artist
‑sign painter

‑furniture restorer

SPATAW- Space Awareness: to solve problems of spatial orientation and moving objects through space such as driving a car – Truck Driving
Pilots and Flight Engineers
Surveyors, Cartographers, Photogrammetrists, and Surveying Technicians
Air Traffic Controllers
ARTDESGN- Artistic Design: to create artistic designs, drawings, paintings or other crafts – Careers in Design – Careers in Art – Web Site Design
OBJECTS- Working with Objects: to make, build, fix, or assemble things – Carpentry – – Auto Body

– Building Inspectors

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