The MIDAS Journey

The MIDAS provides an easy and enjoyable way to obtain a richly detailed description of your multiple intelligences strengths and limitations.

The MIDAS™ is a self-report measure of intellectual disposition that may be completed by an adult, teen, child or a parent. Classroom materials are available that can be used by both teachers and students to enhance academic or vocational success.

To get the most benefit from your Profile it is best to spend some time exploring these few questions:

> What are the multiple intelligences in everyday life?
> Is my Profile accurate?
> How can I use my strengths to be successful?
> Do I need to improve or manage my limitations?
> What is my best next step?

What’s Ahead?

The MIDAS Journey
MIDAS Profile
Verify Your Profile
Maximize Success
Learning Strategies
Career Exploration
Leadership Development
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