Maximize Success

So what do I do now?

Use strengths to MAXIMIZE SUCCESS!

But How?

Howard Gardner wrote in his book, Exceptional Minds, “Discover your difference —with which you have been blessed or cursed and make the most of it…try to frame them in the most productive ways.” This is the strategy to maximize your chances of success—focus on your strengths.

Here are five ways you can put what you’ve learned from your Profile into action immediately.

1. Know Thyself
This advice has been around for thousands of years and it gains renewed importance as the Intrapersonal intelligence. It has been called the royal road to learning and satisfaction in life. An honest appraisal.

2. Be True to Yourself
Success and achievement will be maximized when you make decisions and choices that are aligned with your strengths.

3. Maximize Strengths
When you put determined effort into improving and extending your skills related to your MI strengths then you will not only be happy, but you will make valued contributions to your community.

4. Use Strengths to Manage Weaknesses
Our usual approach to self-improvement is to directly build what you are not good at. This is useful, but it can be demoralizing and frustrating. When you use a strength to improve a weakness, then learning can be very enjoyable.

5. Bring Out the Best in Others
Success at work and in school are not only dependent upon your skills, but just important is your ability to get along with your co-workers, teachers, boss and classmates. When you use your Interpersonal intelligence to understand others then you will be well on your way to being successful.

What’s Ahead?

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