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The MIDAS is not a test with absolute scores like a math or spelling test, but instead, it is a Profile created from your responses to a carefully selected set of questions. The computer scored your responses, but it is important that you verify for yourself that this information is accurate. During this process you just might be surprised by what you learn about yourself when you think carefully about the Profile. The journey to creating your verified Profile begins with creating your own Brief Learning Summary from the 3-page Profile. These instructions are provided in the interpretative packet that accompanied your Profile.

If you did not receive this packet then you may download it here.   Interp-Packet-MIDAS-short

After you’ve created your Brief Learning Summary . . .

Reflect on it . . .

  • What surprises you?
  • Do the highest areas match with what you know to be true?
  • Do the lowest areas seem to be about right?
  • Is there anything missing?

Compare it . . .

your profile with other sources of information.

  • How does it compare to grades in school?
  • Other test scores?
  • Feedback that you’ve received from people?
  • Work that you enjoy?
  • Classes that you’ve taken?

Share it . . .

You can learn a lot about yourself and your Profile if you share it with someone who knows you well. You can explain to them that multiple intelligences is the idea that there is more to being smart than what shows up on an IQ test. The MIDAS describes your abilities in 8 distinct areas required for success in everyday life.

Verify it . . .

After you have reflected, compared and shared your Profile now you can make sure that your Brief Learning Summary is an accurate description of your MI strengths and limitations– at this time. All of these areas can improve with time and effort, but what you need to confirm is that this Profile describes your abilities well now. If something is wrong or missing on your Profile then change it, rearrange it or add to it. Make it right! The goal is to create a rich description of your skills and abilities that you can use to make decisions and plans for the future. Like a map you have to trust it in order to know where to turn and which direction is best for you to travel.

What’s Ahead?

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