MIDAS High Ability Students

from Branton Shearer at www.MIResearch.org

Gina Boyd, Teacher of Gifted Students, Tippecanoe Schools., Lafayette, Indiana wrote to me recently about her use of The MIDAS with her class of high ability students. It is always interesting to hear about the wide variety of uses for the MIDAS Profile. Gina agrees with other educators that MI helps gifted students to have more nuanced views of what it means to be smart. The MI framework allows students to appreciate themselves as well as different kinds of smartness in their peers.

“I teach 4th and 5th grade high ability students in a self-contained classroom.  During the first quarter of the 4th grade year, I teach a unit on giftedness in which the students learn about themselves as learners.

I use MIDAS with my class every other year because I have my students for 2 years, and I will be using it again in September of 2019.”