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Multiple Intelligence Research


The MIDAS® is being used by people in a wide variety of settings for many different purposes in several countries around the world.


 Beginning Jan. 1, 2023 MIDAS Profiles will only be available from providers in the Netherlands, Taiwan / China, Singapore and Korea. Watch this site or email for the contact information.


What is the MIDAS? How is it completed? What age versions are there of MIDAS™? Is MIDAS appropriate for your purposes Click here:  Is_MIDAS_Appropriate

What does an MIDAS™ Profile consist of? Who may use The MIDAS?

Are there schools / organizations using MIDAS®? Is there research supporting MIDAS™ validity and efficacy?

Is there a MIDAS™ version in my language – other than English?) Can I get Certified as a MIDAS® Administrator?

“Dr. Shearer does a good job of synthesizing much of the practical work that’s been done in the field of multiple intelligences over the past few years. He brings to the book his own special contribution of the MIDAS (Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales) which can be a useful tool for children to gain insight into how they best learn. I hope that Dr. Shearer’s book will find itself in the hands of many teachers across the country who are looking for new ways to approach curriculum and exciting ways to motivate children to learn.”

http://www.institute4learning.com   This is the website for Thomas Armstrong, one of the world’ foremost experts on implementing MI in classrooms and schools. Author of:  Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, ASCD Press.

For more information read the article Assessing the Multiple Intelligences: What Good Is It? : click here What_Good

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