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MIDAS users can become Certified in one of two ways. First, via Self Study and second by way of an onsite MIDAS workshop conducted by Dr. Shearer.

Teachers, counselors and psychologists can receive MIDAS Certification at the Basic Level by reading the Professional Manual or MIDAS Handbook and returning the completed User Certification Form and Licensing Agreement to the MI Research and Consulting. It is recommended that for continued MIDAS™ use that administrators participate in a training program available from the author or an authorized representative.

There are several levels of Certification available.

  •  Basic
  •  Foundational
  •  Practitioner A & B.
  •  Mentor
  •  Master Mentor

The Basic level certification is obtained via self-study by reading the Professional Manual and completing the Certification Questionnaire and Form to MI Research and Consulting.

The Foundations level certification is typically obtained by participating in a MIDAS™ Training Program or online workshop.

The Practitioner level certification is obtained by participating in an additional several days of training and practice with MIDAS™ interpretation. Contact the author for on-site group training.

The Mentor level is currently available with special arrangement with the author upon purchase of the School Kit.

The Master Mentor level is currently available with special arrangement with the author after extensive experience with MIDAS training and implementation.

email your questions: sbranton@kent.edu




Maria Isabel Ramirez Garcia, Culiacan, Mexico ,

Practitioner Level Sept. 26, 2019


Sumanth C K, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – Foundations Level April 10, 2019.

I              India


Eight new MIDAS administrators were recently Certified at the Practitioner Level by Frits Schoeren and Helga Hohn. This event was sponsored by the Assn. for Multiple Intelligences Foundation in Reijmerstok, Netherlands .

See a photo and read about it here:



Nurture Craft in Singapore has sponsored a group of new MIDAS Practitioners.