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What is The MIDAS?

The Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment Scales (MIDAS®) provides an efficient method for obtaining a rich and descriptive understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences profile. The MIDAS is a research-based self-report measure of intellectual disposition for people of all ages. The MIDAS Profile carefully describes a full range of skills, abilities and intellectual potential.


The MIDAS is significantly different from the brief MI checklists and so-called multiple intelligences tests available in books or on the web. The MIDAS was designed to meet the principles of sound assessment advocated by Howard Gardner. Dr. Gardner discourages the use of “quick-and-dirty” MI tests that promote superficial labeling and a distorted understanding of MI theory. The MIDAS is a comprehensive profile that was constructed according to high quality test standards and has a proven history of both validity and classroom benefits.


Assn. for Multiple Intelligences.    www.stichtingami.nl/      Frits Schoeren <mail@fritsschoeren.nl>  in English and Dutch.


Psychological Publishing Company Ltd..   Eric Lin.   <psychoco@ms15.hinet.net>  in Chinese – simplified and complex.


Nurture Craft.   Henry Toi <henrytoi@live.com>  for Singaporean users.

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