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What is The MIDAS?

The Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment Scales (MIDAS®) provides an efficient method for obtaining a rich and descriptive understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences profile. The MIDAS is a research-based self-report measure of intellectual disposition for people of all ages. The three page MIDAS Profile carefully describes a full range of skills, abilities and intellectual potential.


The MIDAS is significantly different from the brief MI checklists and so-called multiple intelligences tests available in books or on the web. The MIDAS was designed to meet the principles of sound assessment advocated by Howard Gardner. Dr. Gardner discourages the use of “quick-and-dirty” MI tests that promote superficial labeling and a distorted understanding of MI theory. The MIDAS is a comprehensive profile that was constructed according to high quality test standards and has a proven history of both validity and classroom benefits.


For more information about how MIDAS differs from other MI measures download this white paper by the author:  Is_MIDAS_AppropriateIs_MIDAS_Appropriate?


Development and validation studies are summarized in the Professional Manual. Additional MIDAS research papers are available on this site’s Research page.



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Who May Use The MIDAS?


Personal Use:

Individuals and parents may purchase MIDAS Profiles for personal use without additional education or training. Individual profiles, Teacher’s Package and the Preview Packages provide easy-to-follow self-completion instructions to ensure success and satisfaction.


Professional Use:

Teachers, counselors, tutors, psychologists and other professionals who wish to use MIDAS professionally need to become familiar with proper MIDAS administration and interpretation guidelines and follow the principles of sound assessment practice. Please refer to MIDAS Administration and Interpretation Guidelinesfor details. Basic Certification is easily obtained through independent study while more advanced levels of Certification are required for ongoing Administration.


Why The MIDAS?    How Does The MIDAS Benefit?

There are many practical reasons why The MIDAS may be used by an individual, a parent, a teacher, a counselor, or a psychologist. First, The MIDAS provides information regarding intellectual development, activities, and propensities not usually available from standard academic tests and most aptitude tests. Second, The MIDAS provides information directly from the person’s (and/or significant others) experience that can be used to create personalized learning plans and to enhance the counseling process. Parents can learn a great deal about their children that will help them to motivate and guide each child’s unique intellectual development.


Academic Achievement: The MIDAS Profile provides valuable information to enhance the learning and academic accomplishment for students of all ages. Children who struggle in the typical classroom will benefit from learning MI-inspired study strategies that match with their intellectual preferences. Other children (and adults, too!) can improve their performance on standardized tests that are crucial to their educational progress. People who wish to develop their creative thinking skills will likewise find their MIDAS Profile to be a practical guide. The MIDAS™ interpretative materials provide clear and practical tips to help anyone become a lifelong learner. Read more about Academic Achievement and High School Students here: THS-ACHIEVE-Summary1.


Career Planning: The MIDAS Profile provides a rich and descriptive source of information to enhance career planning so that a person’s intellectual strengths may be matched to the career path that will be enjoyable, rewarding and highly motivating. Teenagers, young adults and mid-career career and job changers will all benefit from having their MI Profile.


Teaching, Curriculum and School Renewal: The MIDAS Profile shows teachers how to develop their ability to create powerful MI-inspired lesson plans. A MIDAS profile of students provides important information that teachers need to maximize motivation and bring out the best in ALL students. Many schools use The MIDAS as a tool to aid their transition from an IQ-based approach to an MI-inspired education.


Leadership Development: The MIDAS Profile is used to develop the leadership abilities of high school and university students. It is a powerful source of information for building self-knowledge and interpersonal understanding.Read more here:  Leadership-and-MIDAS


Business Applications: The MIDAS Profile provides value-added knowledge and guidance to businesses interested in enhancing the effective performance of its leaders, managers and employees. It is a truism that “people are your greatest asset” and it is our mission to guide people to maximize their intellectual potential and professional skills. Read more here:  CHANGE_1108_SS


The MIDAS Description

There are five versions of the MIDAS for different ages:

  1. MIDAS for Adults/College Students (for those over 20 years of age)
  2. MIDAS for TEENS (for adolescents aged 15-19, or in grades 9-13)
  3. MIDAS for KIDS: All About Me (for students in grades 4-8, or ages 10-14).
  4. MIDAS for KIDS: My View (for young children, grades 3 & 4, ages 8 – 9, ).
  5. MIDAS for KIDS: My Young Child (for young children in pre-kindergarten to grade 3, or ages 4-8 years, completed by parents.).


The MIDAS questionnaire takes about 25 minutes or less to complete. The questions are easy to answer and most people report that they enjoy doing it. There are self-directed interpretative materials for parents that guide their understanding of their child’s profile. There are materials for teachers, counselors and psychologists that will guide their use of the Profile. Career planning information is available for teens, young adults and adults.


The Online MIDAS System (OMS) is easy to use and preferred by young people who are web savvy!

To view MIDAS questions Sample_Questions


The MIDAS is Unique!


The MIDAS is unique not only for its multiple intelligences scales but also for its assessment method and philosophy of personalized education. The MIDAS strives to provide realistic data for making informed choices, but it does so from the person’s perspective via careful questioning. Following tabulation of the responses, MIDAS results are offered back to the person not as hard and unchanging truth, but rather as useful hypotheses for appraisal, elaboration, and action planning. Information gleaned from the MIDAS™ Profile can be used to formulate personalized educational and career plans by recognizing, valuing, and focusing attention on areas of strength and potential.


The MIDAS Profile is three pages in length and provides detailed information in the following four broad categories. To see a sample of the author’s MIDAS Profile in Word format, Sample_BS_Profile_Interp_Word

  1. First, a MIDAS Profile gives a reasonable estimate of the person’s intellectual disposition in each of the following eight areas: Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Spatial, Musical, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Naturalist.
  2. Second, a MIDAS Profile describes twenty-five kinds of skills associated with each intelligence (e.g., Instrumental and Vocal for Musical).
  3. Third, three intellectual style scales estimate the person’s preference for Innovation, General Logic, and Leadership.
  4. Fourth, qualitative information from each question provides descriptions of particular intellectual activities and actual outcomes.


Academic tests attempt to measure skill under controlled and de-contextualized conditions while the MIDAS casts a broader net and examines how the person uses his/her abilities in an array of meaningful, real world activities. The MIDAS describes the person’s intellectual disposition (which may or may not be commensurate with tested ability) in order to answer questions such as “In what activities and by what means shall the person be most successful?”


A MIDAS 3 page Profile serves as the BEGINNING of a dialogue that will maximize motivation, allow the formation of action plans to focus efforts and the design of the most effective curriculum for the person profiled. To borrow loosely from a navigational technique, the process of triangulation is used to plot the best direction by noting past accomplishments (and difficulties) and the current location of particular strengths and weaknesses in order to chart an effective course of future action. Thus, intelligence is not perceived as an immutable, biologically predetermined entity as generally presumed by I.Q., but rather as a lifelong evolving process with shifting parameters. With the aid of a MIDAS™ Profile and Interpretative Packet, a person can carefully make educational plans and career decisions that will maximize the effective use of strengths to achieve success and promote personal satisfaction.


View a sample in Interp-Packet-MIDAS-short Brief Interpretative Packet or to view as a Word document


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