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The MIDAS® Profile . . . 

. . . is three pages in length and provides detailed information in the following four broad categories.

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  1. First, a MIDAS Profile gives a reasonable estimate of the person’s intellectual disposition in each of the following eight areas: Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Spatial, Musical, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Naturalist.
  2. Second, a MIDAS Profile describes twenty-five kinds of skills associated with each intelligence (e.g., Instrumental and Vocal for Musical).
  3. Third, three intellectual style scales estimate the person’s preference for Innovation, General Logic, and Leadership.
  4. Fourth, qualitative information from each question provides descriptions of particular intellectual activities and actual outcomes.
  5. A follow up interview can provide highly detailed information about specific abilities and limitations.


The MIDAS® questionnaire . . .

. . .takes about 25 minutes or less to complete.


The questions are easy to answer and most people report that they enjoy doing it. There are self-directed interpretative materials for parents that guide their understanding of their child’s profile. There are materials for teachers, counselors and psychologists that will guide their use of the Profile. Career planning information is available for teens, young adults and adults.


Online MIDAS® System    (OMS)


Takes even less time to complete and is preferred by young people who are web savvy!


To view Sample_Questions click here.