Multiple Intelligences Resources on the World Wide Web

Edutopia is one of the finest websites to learn about the multiple intelligences and their implementation in classrooms and schools.   This page provides a wonderful interview with Howard Gardner and then links to many other resources. My MI Interest Survey is also posted here.

ASCD is a powerful organization that has published a wealth of information on multiple intelligences. Their 1997 issue of Educational Leadership published many articles on MI in schools/classrooms. This article on MI in Australia by Wilma Vialle is a good example.–Multiple-Intelligences-in-Multiple-Settings.aspx   You can go to their ASCD home page and search Multiple Intelligences to find a lot of information.

Here is the ASCD page that lists MI Resources:

New York Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) website has a number of good articles and videos describing practical MI applications:

Howard Gardner has three websites that offer an array of MI links and information.    This site describes Dr. Gardner’s work in areas other than MI, such as creativity and youth.        This is the official MI site provided by Dr. Gardner. It contains a lot of good info. See the Resources page for a list of MI links on the web.    Watch Howard describe how he developed the idea of MI.     For many years, Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education was the home for MI educational research. They have many other projects now on topics that are related to MI—arts, teaching for understanding, Making Learning Visible and ProjectMUSE.

Thomas Armstrong’s website  describes his authoritative work on MI and also a quality set of website Links in Resources.

New City School in St. Louis, MO is one of the oldest and best known of high quality MI-inspired schools:    Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence provides the framework for teaching and learning at The Gardner School of Arts and Sciences in Vancouver, WA.