My Young Child – MIDAS in Mexico

Guadalajara-cathedral-MexicoNews from Mexico:  Andrea Salcedo Williams, a certified MIDAS Administrator writes about her use of My Young with the parents of young children.

Dear Branton,

I have started using the MIDAS-  My Young Child Profile (Spanish)  in my school and we are very happy!!

Here is a brief summary of the very first phase:

We are in the first step of our project, we have already completed 23 My Young Child Profiles. This are the steps we have finish until now:

1.     When one child enrolls to our program, the first we do is to give the parents the questionnaire to complete the profile. We ask them to bring it back in one week.

We have found that is very enriching when mother and father complete answer the questions together, because they don’t agree in all of the answers. We also have notice that some parent don’t really know a lot of their own kids, they open their eyes when reading all of the questions, they star to pay attention to more areas in their kids.

2.   When we have the answers back, we schedule an appointment to give the parents the profile in person. We have been working in an interpretative package for the My Young Child Profile, using the Handbook Common Miracles in Your School, and the adult interpretative package. We have created an introduction letter in one page to explain what is the profile and why it is important. Then we have describe each scale and sub-scale, and also we are working in an explanation of how children learn using each intelligence. We also put in the interpretative package the handout for parent from the Handbook.

3.  The third step is to have the interview with the parent to give them the profile with the interpretative package and to explain and answer all of their questions. It is a great start to get to know the parent better.


·         Some parent are interested in taking the profile themselves, after they completed their child’s profile. And we realize it is a very great idea we didn’t think in the beginning. It is very important as a parent to know your own strengths and weaknesses when you are educating your child.

Andrea, Clever Kid,  Guadalajara, Mexico