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Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales - MIDAS History

WATCH the YouTube MIDAS Introductory video filmed in the Netherlands at BCO.

I created the MIDAS in 1987 to help people to achieve their full intellectual potential and live satisfying and rewarding lives as valued members of their community. As of January 1, 2023 MIDAS Profiles will be provided by my colleagues in the Netherlands, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. Check into this website for details as plans evolve.

This work has taken me to many fascinating places around the world and across the United States. It is exciting to share the power of the multiple intelligences with students, teachers, principals, counselors and business leaders.

This website can be your hub to learn about MI and find resources for The MIDAS  Profile and for questions such as:

I hope that you will find what you are looking for among these many resources. If not, reach out to my colleagues around the world who have extensive experience with both MI and The MIDAS Profile.  Good luck with all you MI-inspired activities!

Branton Shearer, Ph.D.



“To my knowledge, The MIDAS represents the first effort to measure the Multiple Intelligences, which have been developed according to standard psychometric procedures. Branton Shearer is to be congratulated for the careful and cautious way in which he has created his instrument and offered guidance for its use and interpretation.” — Howard Gardner, Harvard University


Our History Since 1987

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1987- MIDAS assessment created

MIDAS was originally created and researched at Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital as a clinical interview to better understand the strengths and limitations of people recovering from brain trauma and physical impairments.


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1999 - MI Research and Consulting, Inc. chartered

After extensive validity research and educational testing, MI Research and Consulting, Inc. was founded to provide MI profiles to people around the world.

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2007 - MIDAS Professional Manual- revised and released

The MIDAS Professional Manual provides technical information about the development and validation studies of the assessment for multiple age groups.

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2013 - MI Neuroscience Investigation initiated.

A decade long program to investigate the neural mechanisms underlying each of the multiple intelligences was initiated with the help of Jessica Karanian, PH.D. and the informal guidance of Drs. Howard Gardner and MIchael Posner.

Multiple Intelligences are deeply rooted in brain systems

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2023 - Management Change

Assn. for Multiple Intelligences in the Netherlands assumes daily management and provision of MIDAS Profiles in both Dutch and English.


https://www.stichtingami.nl/    – contact –     mail@fritsschoeren.nl