Success in Business

mortage_lenderI was impressed with an article by Cindy Krischler Goodman of the Miami Herald titled: Top tips from successful women:  Stay focused, take risks and trust yourself

What does it take to build a thriving business? Advice from successful women business leaders recognized by the Commonwealth Institute of South Florida bring to mind several of the multiple intelligences. Below are the key tips as described by honoree Susana Robledo to Miami Herald columnist Cindy Krischer Goodman. Can you match the specific intelligence to the tip?

See answers below:

*Be a goal-setter

*Get clear on priorities

*Trust yourself

*Take risks

*Think bigger

*Create a network

*Build your team carefully

*Outsource what you can


+++++++ ANSWERS ++++++++

*Be a goal-setter    (INTRAPERSONAL)

*Get clear on priorities    (INTRAPERSONAL)

*Trust yourself   (INTRAPERSONAL)

*Take risks   (INTRAPERSONAL)

*Think bigger   (INTRAPERSONAL? )

*Create a network   (INTERPERSONAL)

*Build your team carefully  (INTERPERSONAL)

*Outsource what you can    (INTERPERSONAL and INTRAPERSONAL)