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Many teachers, schools, universities and organizations have used The MIDAS since 1987.


“To my knowledge, The MIDAS represents the first effort to measure the Multiple Intelligences, which have been developed according to standard psychometric procedures. Branton Shearer is to be congratulated for the careful and cautious way in which he has created his instrument and offered guidance for its use and interpretation.” — Howard Gardner, Harvard University

“Assessment of Multiple Intelligences is difficult at best. Branton Shearer’s MIDAS™ materials succeed further than anything else available at providing insight and understanding of a profile of an individual’s intelligences.” Author of Multiple Intelligences and Student Achievement.

Bruce Campbell

Yes. The MIDAS is very useful and helpful. It is a different way of gaining child's attention when the traditional school cannot!  Special Educator, Greece


<p>"The MIDAS has proven to be such a powerful tool in getting to know our adolescents. From the very first use 3 years ago its value was immediately clear to me: I can truly get to know a student within 1,5 hours; at a depth and and instant level of trust I would otherwise have needed half a year of weekly sessions for. This is quite remarkable, since our adolescents generally are very distrustful of any adult due to their past traumatizing experiences in schools and with unsuited health care due to misdiagnoses.  It provides the insight for me, but most important it provides insight for my students themselves, and it provides a playground` in a stimulating and lighthearted fashion, taking away the `threatening gloom´ so often associated with counselling and/or therapy sessions for those new to it or not. I can wholeheartedly recommend the MIDAS usage in any school, for teachers, social workers, counselors and therapists."</p>

Chantal Woltring MSc, Author of the handbook at Feniks Talent (Sterksel, The Netherlands)

“Receiving my MIDAS assessment has been personally meaningful...I intend to incorporate my new awareness of multiple intelligences in my teaching...this has been the most rewarding workshops I've ever taken!" “I have now experienced a paradigm shift! I believe my students have also shifted into an intrinsic motivation that seems to have put each of them in control of their own learning. I believe my students have grown in self-knowledge and view themselves differently than before. A sense of confidence seems to have helped them to manage their own behavior and has motivated their achievement in school. I am truly changed with the belief that I am not the disseminator of all knowledge and information in my classroom.  I am able to say that we tried it, liked it, and it worked! “


What surprised me was how such a simple idea or concept could make such a drastic change in my view about intelligence. I feel, even as a parent of a kindergarten child, that I can use MI, at this stage of the game to aid in his learning and interest in learning. I am amazed how often I think in terms of MI as I talk to students about careers, in difficulty in classes, etc. I have begun to use this in my life as a parent and in my career as a counselor. I am even more convinced that MI has a place in our schools, at ALL levels. Maybe curriculum directors and legislators should take this course. I am now much more aware of how I work with kids.  It really makes a difference in my outlook! Thank you, Kim. HIgh School Counselor

Kimberly Barthlomew, HIgh School Counselor

“I highly recommend utilizing The MIDAS™ both with staff members and your students. The knowledge you will gain is immeasurable! Principal, Savanna Oaks Elementary.

Heather Terrill

“People are curious and open to new insights about how one’s intelligence can be identified across a wide spectrum of abilities. This is exactly where MIDAS™ fills a significant gap between quantitative evaluation and qualitative assessment. The use of MIDAS™ as a diagnostic tool by qualified persons provides a bridge of understanding….Society will benefit when we recognize the rich diversity of abilities in our students and offers them education which builds on each student’s strengths.” Founding Principal of the Key Learning Community first MI-inspired school in the world<strong> </strong>

Patricia J. Bolanos

“The MIDAS™ can be a useful tool for children to gain insight into how they best learn. I hope that Dr. Shearer’s book will find itself into the hands of many teachers across the country who are looking for new ways to approach curriculum and exciting ways to motivate children to learn.” Author, Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom.

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.

“Thank you again for an outstanding and more in depth look at the Multiple Intelligences theory. I enjoyed your class and also the evaluation of the MIDAS™ survey. I hope to use the MI information I learned from you in my future elementary education endeavors and also with the teacher and student activities I coordinate at NASA Glenn.” Office of Educational Programs, NASA

Linda LIttle

“We are thoroughly enjoying the results of our MIDAS™ assessment and are very grateful for the activities, worksheets, and supplemental materials that you have created. This is a wonderful measure that has been extremely useful in working with students with emotional needs who need a means to focus on their strengths rather than their perceived weaknesses. Thank you again for your work in this area and we hope to continue sharing your efforts with more students in the future.” Director of Special Projects, Arcadia University

Crystal Harms