The Gardener Parent vs. the Carpenter Parent

from Branton Shearer, MIDAS Blog, Mar. 2, 2019

by Kristen Mae

“According to Alison Gopnik, (a psychology and philosophy professor at the University of California), the carpenter parent believes they have the power to shape who their child will become. Much like a carpenter with his truckload of specialized tools, the carpenter parent believes that as long as they parent their child the “right” way, they can influence a particular outcome. That was me, trying to turn my son into a violin prodigy. You see how well that worked out.

The gardener parent, on the other hand, knows and accepts that many variables are out of their control. The gardener parent provides a nurturing environment but understands that you can’t force an outcome any more than a gardener can control when the sun shines or how big a plant will grow or whether it will yield fruit. “

I was struck by this article that embodies the spirit of an MI-inspired education (beyond the obvious connection of gardener and Howard Gardner!). This idea is embedded in The MIDAS process.