Too much digital??

from Branton Shearer’s MI Blog, April 21, 2019

On Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.  What does it have to do with MI?

I heard Cal Newport interviewed recently on NPR’s Innovation Hub about how to minimize the negative impact of “social media” overload. He describes how platforms such as Facebook engineer their sites to be addictive by capitalizing on our human need to be accepted (Liked) and belong. He offers some good suggestions for controlling our addiction to our smart phones. However, some people might find these tips more easier said than done. Decreasing our stress and anxiety brought about by social media addiction requires something more than the desire to do so. What is this something more that can help us manage our social media compulsion?

Cal describes the essential first step is a 30 day “detox” from all social media where you delete every app from your phone and computer. The second step is where the Intrapersonal intelligence of the multiple intelligences comes in, but he doesn’t call it that.

Instead, he says, “Wipe the slate clean … of digital media…then rebuild that digital life with real intention… only bring in those things that give you serious benefit or things that you really value. The 30-day detox gives you time to think and get back in touch with

‘What am I all about? What do I care about? What are the things I actually want to spend my time doing? What are activities that give me a lot of value?

So that when those 30 days are over you can start from a foundation of real self-reflection and then you can ask, ‘What do I really need in my life? What’s going to give me a big win?”