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Ready to present in Puerto Rico
Ready to present in Puerto Rico

Dr. Shearer is a neuropsychologist who studied for his master’s degree at Harvard University and his Ph.D. in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation at the Union Institute..

He received a U.S. Department of Education Innovation Grant to investigate the use of the multiple intelligences to enhance cognitive functioning following brain trauma. He initially created The Multiple Intelligences Developmental Scales (MIDAS™) 1987 as a unique alternative to poorly designed, so-called MI tests. In his private practice he has counseled adults, adolescents and their families to improve educational / vocational achievement and personal satisfaction. Dr. Shearer conducts workshops for teachers and school administrators interested in implementing MI theory. He was an instructor at Kent State University for 10+ years assisting teachers to learn how to use their multiple intelligences to achieve personal and professional goals. He has been described as a “compulsive learner” and has been developing, refining and implementing The MIDAS™ for over 25 years. He is also a poet.

Dr. Shearer is the president of Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting, Inc. which has received numerous grants from private foundations and schools to work with teachers in devising creative strategies for implementing the MIDAS™ in classrooms. He has written 11 books to guide teachers, students, parents, school administrators and psychologists in implementing MI theory in their daily lives.

The MIDAS™ assessment has been translated into Spanish, Dutch, Farsi, Chinese, Arabic, and Korean and has been completed by over 50,000 people world-wide. It is being used in schools from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Portland, Oregon and from Vancouver, British Columbia to Jakarta, Indonesia and beyond.

Dr. Shearer was the founder of the Multiple Intelligences Special Interest Group (MI-SIG) for the American Educational Research Association