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“Discover your royal road to learning, achievement and personal satisfaction.”

You might wonder. . .

How is The MIDAS® different from brief checklists available for free on the web or in many books? The MIDAS is not a quick and dirty checklist that produces superficial results. Rather, The MIDAS™ is a sophisticated assessment with an extensive research base and a proven track record of possessing strong validity and reliability. The MIDAS Profile enhances a person’s self-discovery and leads to the creation of personalized learning plans so that achievement and personal satisfaction are maximized.

Why should I choose to use The MIDAS instead of just photocopying an MI checklist from the back of a book? Dr. Howard Gardner speaks often about “perils” of quickie MI tests that encourage student labeling and a distorted understanding of MI theory. The MIDAS Profile facilitates a process that I call a “dialogue of discovery” so that personalized learning plans can be created and teachers can better understand the strengths and limitations of a group of students.

> > Classroom Teachers ask. . .

DSC05022Is The MIDAS available for use by children in my classroom / school? Yes, there are five versions of the MIDAS appropriate for all ages from 4 years through adulthood. There are also MI class profiles available so that a teacher can understand the unique MI profiles of a large group at a glance.

Why would I want my students to complete The MIDAS?   A MIDAS Profile can be helpful to a classroom teacher in at least six (6) ways:

  1. A MIDAS Profile provides a descriptive narrative of each students’ intellectual strengths, weaknesses and interests so you may personalize instruction to improve motivation.
  2. A complete class of MIDAS Profile can help with curriculum planning and organizing cooperative work groups. This can also help to identify children with specific deficits or strengths in your core ability area.
  3. The class profile can help plan for differentiated instruction because it identifies children with specific strengths or deficits in your core ability areas.
  4. Communication with parents can be facilitated via the profile so as to enhance a positive yet constructive dialogue.
  5. Students can be taught to use their MI strengths to maximize performance and overcome learning difficulties.
  6. Some teachers have used information from the MIDAS Profile to address behavior and motivation problems

Can teachers also take The MIDAS?   Yes. Many teachers have already completed the MIDAS ™a means of enhancing their own levels of self-awareness and to promote the development of MI teaching strategies. My book “MI Inspired– A Common Core Toolkit is available to guide teachers in the classroom use of MI theory. The MIDAS™ is an efficient method for a whole school to learn about the multiple intelligences in a very personal and practical way. Dr. Shearer works with many schools assisting them to understand how MI can be effectively implemented.

Are whole class profiles available?   Yes. Profiles can be made for individual classes, grade levels, programs, or entire schools. The book “The MIDAS Handbook” provides information regarding the school-wide adoption of the MI approach as well as teacher resource materials.

If my school wants to learn more about the multiple intelligences or The MIDAS, can you help?   Yes. The MIDAS School Kit” provides extensive information for teachers, administrators, and students. Dr. Shearer is also available for teacher training workshops, parent and student programs. Continuing education credit may be arranged through Kent State University for faculty in-service programs. .

What do teachers who have used The MIDAS™ have to say about its benefits?   You may contact teachers and schools who have used the MIDAS directly for more information. Teachers have expressed numerous positives from incorporating MI and the MIDAS™ into their ongoing classroom lessons. For actual teacher comments, read Branton Shearer’s paper What_Good is a MIDAS Profile? In The Teachers’ Own Words

Can The MIDAS™ be used by counselors for career planning?   Yes. There are detailed guidelines for integrating the Profile into a career counseling program or to enhance student counseling. A strength of the MIDAS is that it can be used to increase self understanding so that realistic career plans can be considered based on strengths. The “Challenge! A Guide to Career Success” is a workbook available for middle and high school students.

Can the MIDAS™ be used by school psychologists?  Yes. A MIDAS Profile can be incorporated into a multi-factored evaluation to help identify intellectual strengths and described areas of weakness.

What is the cost?   A variety of classroom teaching kits and MIDAS™ packages are available to meet the needs of individual teachers, classrooms and whole schools. For a complete listing of all of such items and costs, click here.

> > Parents ask. . .

parents_questionsCan I get The MIDAS for myself or my children?   Yes. The MIDAS is available for use by parents and their children of all ages.

How can The MIDAS be of help?   The MIDAS can help children and parents understand the child’s MI strengths and limitations. From this understanding plans can be made to enhance study strategies, test taking skills, communication with teachers, home based enrichment learning activities and career / college planning. This can be accomplished by the creative use of MI strengths to improve areas of weakness. The book ONE FAMILY provides a wealth of practical information.

What age or grade group can use The MIDAS assessment and materials?  There are five different versions of the MIDAS for each age group:

  • MIDAS for Adults/College Students: 20 years of age and over
  • Teen MIDAS: age 15-19; gr 9-13
  • MIDAS for Kids: All About Me: age 10-14; gr 4-8
  • MIDAS-KIDS:   My View:  age 8 – 9, gr. 2 – 3
  • MIDAS for Kids™: My Young Child: age 4-8; gr pre-k-3

 Is there anyone who can not complete The MIDAS?   The MIDAS™ is written at about the 5th grade reading level and takes about 20 minutes to complete. It can also be completed via interview by a parent, teacher, tutor or counselor.

How are the MIDAS answer forms scored?   The MIDAS is completing on the web using the Online MIDAS System (OMS) where the questionnaire is completed in about 20 minutes and then the Profile and interpretative packet are returned via email within minutes.

Will The MIDAS tell me exactly how to help my child get better grades?    Activities in Your Amazing Brain and ONE FAMILY are designed to guide you and your child in the creation of Personalized Learning Action Plans for improving performance in whatever goal your and your child choose to focus on. Like anything in life, the more time and energy that your child puts into working this plan then the greater the benefit. By using strengths your child will be more motivated to participate in these activities.

Can I use this information to communicate with my child’s teachers and counselors?   Yes. the interpretative books and materials are designed to help communicate your child’s strengths, weaknesses and learning plans with teachers so s/he may support you and your child’s efforts. Additional books on how a teacher may use The MIDAS™ and Multiple Intelligences (MI) in the classroom are available from the author.

How do I get started?   The best way to begin is to order a MIDAS™ Individual Assessment so you may understand how the process works for yourself.  The Preview Package provides a good start at a discount.

What is the cost?   For a listing of the MIDAS™ items and their cost, click here.

> > Students and Researchers ask…

Athens_smIs The MIDAS available for use in a research project?    Yes. The MIDAS has been used by a wide variety of students and researchers across America and around the world from post-doctoral to 8th grade science projects. Click Here for details.

What kind of research has already been done?   Many pilot programs have been conducted to determine if the MIDAS can be useful to classroom teachers. A number of descriptive and validity studies have also been conducted. See the MIDAS Research page here for more information.

How are MIDAS Profiles scored? The MIDAS questionnaire is answered and scored on the web using the Online MIDAS System (OMS). By special request, in limited situations a school or researcher may request to use the paper questionnaire and answer sheets. There is a surcharge for this of $1.00 per profile to cover data entry.

What does it cost?   A variety of Kits and Packages are available to accommodate differing circumstances depending upon how many profiles are to be administered and the educational objectives. The price varies according to the number of profiles purchased. Discount pricing is available for students and researchers. For a list of MIDAS items and costs, click here.