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Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting Inc. (MIRCI)


The Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS®) provides a valid, reliable and useful method for obtaining a rich and descriptive understanding of a person’s intellectual disposition and creative life. The MIDAS™ was created by C. Branton Shearer in 1987 and the mission of MIRCI is to support the use and development of The MIDAS by individuals, families and organizations (educational, psychological, counseling, research and business) to promote intellectual development, achievement and personal satisfaction of all people around the globe.

goals_smThe MIDAS strives to be the world’s most sophisticated, thoroughly researched and useful assessment for the multiple intelligences.

MIRCI provides the necessary guidance, resources and material support to further scientific investigations into the theory of multiple intelligences and its practical applications in educational, corporate, assessment, psychological and counseling organizations.

MIRCI supports the efforts of educational institutions to implement The MIDAS in order to personalize instruction and curriculum so that all students will maximize achievement, personal satisfaction and intellectual and career development.

MIRCI supports the personal and professional development of teachers as the cornerstones of a quality education through the use of The MIDAS™ to expand teachers’ awareness of MI-inspired teaching practices and sensitivity to the unique intellectual profiles of all students.

MIRCI supports the intellectual and personal growth of all children to achieve their potential by maximizing Intrapersonal understanding and parent awareness of each child’s intellectual uniqueness and strength-based educational and career planning.

MIRCI supports the efforts of businesses and organizations to implement The MIDAS and its interpretative materials to personalize selection, training and professional development of personnel so as to maximize motivation, performance, personal development and career advancement.

MIRCI sets standards for the high quality use of The MIDAS.

MIRCI provides training in MIDAS™ use and Certifies practitioners as being knowledgeable and experienced in appropriate administration, interpretation and action-planning techniques.

MIRCI organizes and supports student and professional research endeavors in the continuing process of investigating the scientific foundations of The MIDAS, its revisions and its effective implementation.

MIRCI organizes and supports efforts to disseminate knowledge, materials and resources concerning MIDAS™ development, use and the theory of multiple intelligences.

MIRCI provides guidance and support for the creation and validation of translations into various languages around the world of the assessment and appropriate interpretative materials.

“Discover your royal road to learning, achievement and personal satisfaction.”