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  Cross Cultural Factor Analytic Studies of a Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment by Branton Shearer in The International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment, vol. 12 issue 1.  https://sites.google.com/site/tijepa2012/vol-11-2/vol-12-1    Cross_Cultural_Validity_IJEP

Articles in Journals

Differentiated Reading Instruction: Using MI and The MIDAS to Enhance Comprehension, Enthusiasm, and Strategic Reading Approaches. Branton Shearer and Sara Reith. The Ohio School Psychologist, 56, 3, 2011.


Reading intervention supporting science content: MIDAS-driven intervention for at-risk readers using multiple intelligences strengths to differentiate a 4th grade science curriculum.  by Shearer, B., Reith, S. & Riolo, A.The Ohio School Psychologists Journal. 58, 1, 2012.   Reading_RtI_Final

In the face of change: Part 1. Using Multiple Intelligences to develop future leaders (in business) by B. Shearer in Brain Capital, Brain Capital Group, Singapore. Vol. 2.

In the face of change: Part 2. by B. Shearer in  Brain Capital, Brain Capital Group, Singapore. Vol. 3

Development of a scale for existential thinking. By Allen, B. & Shearer, B. (2013).  International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. Vol 31 (1)     https://digitalcommons.ciis.edu/ijts-transpersonalstudies/vol31/iss1/

Existential Inquiries and Pathological Correlates Among Indian Adolescents. by Christine Winston,  shrinkinthemaking@gmail.com  Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Jun 17 , 2013, doi: 10.1037/a0032643      Available at  http://psycnet.apa.org/psycinfo/2013-20576-001/