MIDAS (en)

Multiple Intelligence Research


. . . is an amazing piece of literature and deep research. I don’t think there’s anybody on the planet who knows as much about MI as does Branton Shearer.” Genet Jeanjean, Founder and Executive Director, Boston Global Communications and Performance Inc.

Dr. Shearer conducts experiential and interactive seminars with businesses and organizations of any size / type that wish to discover the power of using the multiple intelligences to enhance individual performances and energize teams.

Length: – 2 hours, 1/2 day, 1 – 2 days


  •  HR
  •  VPs
  •  Directors
  •  Sales Managers
  •  Managers and Team Leaders
  •  Customer Service Managers

Dr. Shearer’s book, MIDAS MEANS BUSINESS, is a primary resource informing his seminars. He works with organizations to integrate an MI perspective into their philosophical priorities and day-to-day operations. Organizations can select from a variety of topics of most concern and the seminar will be structured around those themes. You may read the introduction to using Using MIDAS to Enhance Business Culture here.

Seminars typically focus on practical strategies to use The MIDAS Profile to answer questions such as:

  •  How do I use MI to recruit and select the best people?
  •  Can MI improve training and skill building?
  •  Can motivation be enhanced with MI in mind?
  •  How can performance and productivity be increased?
  •  Can I better manage employees with behavior / attitude / performance problems?
  •  Can MI help people work in project teams?
  •  Can I use MI to enhance supervision and professional development?
  •  Can MI be used to improve communication on the job?
  •  Can MI guide development of management and leadership skills for myself and team?
  •  How can MI help me to retain valued employees?
  •  Is there a simple way to apply MI in my workplace?