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Multiple Intelligence Research

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Dr. Shearer  gives MI-inspired presentations and conducts workshops that engage and stimulate teachers’ creative thinking and practical planning. Participants also include school counselors, psychologists, students and parents. Topics are customized to meet the needs of each audience to maximize relevancy and practical planning.

 “I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful experience!   I enjoyed both courses tremendously and can assure you that I will continue to use the MI knowledge I have gained through your classes in my everyday life.” Workshop participant.

Short Workshops: 4 hours or less.  Full Workshops: 1 day, 2 days or more

Participants: Teachers at all grade levels, principals and all support staff.

Workshop Types: Multiple Intelligences instruction and/or MIDAS  Implementation

1. Multiple Intelligences in Your Classroom and School: Step by Step

2. THE MIDAS: Bringing Out the Best in ALL Your Students!

3. How to Use Students’ MI Strengths to Achieve Common Core Standards for All

4. Teaching Students’ How to Solve Math Story Problems using R.A.D.A.R

1. Multiple Intelligences in Your Classroom and School

These workshops are experiential, interactive and skills focused. The agenda can be customized to meet the concerns and issues of most importance to participants. Not a single teacher will be bored– guaranteed!

 Sample Titles:

1. Creating MI-Inspired Lesson Plans

2. Differentiated Reading Instruction Using Small Strength-based Student Groups

3. Authentic Assessment

4. MI-Inspired Math Instruction

5. Cooperative Learning and MI: A Dynamic Duo!

6. Maximize Your Students’ Success with Enhanced Intrapersonal Intelligence

7. MI-Inspired Study Strategies

8. 10 Ways to Bring MI into Your Classroom– Today!

2. THE MIDAS: Bringing Out the Best in ALL Students!

“I want to let you know how great the MIDAS workshop was! It made me more aware of my students’ abilities. I think the MIDAS is the most complete, reasonable and applicable tool yet developed! Thanks for a great (and eye-opening course), and I promise to continue becoming a better & better MI teacher!” H.S. Chemistry teacher.

 Sample Titles:

1. THE MIDAS: What Is It? What Can It Do?

2. Creating Effective MI-Strength-based Cooperative Learning Groups

3. Teach All Students How to Maximize Learning Using MI Study Strategies

4. Effective Behavioral Interventions Using Students’ MIDAS Profiles

5. From I.Q. to MI! Implementing a Step-by-Step System to Maximize Student Achievement

6. Are Your Students Intrinsically Motivated? How to Develop Their MIDAS Touch in the Classroom