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Branton Shearer, Ph,D.

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The MIDAS provides an efficient method for obtaining a rich and descriptive understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences profile.

Multiple Intelligences

MI is the powerful idea that the human mind possesses at least eight distinct forms of intelligence.

MI@40 Blog

What is the impact and status of MI theory after 40 years? Educators from around the world respond to these questions.


After 35 years of building The MIDAS, the time has come to let others carry on with the mission of bringing the power of Multiple Intelligences to the world.  MIDAS Profiles are now available from aMI in the Netherlands (English and Dutch), Psychological Publishing Company in Taiwan and Nurture Craft in Singapore.
My thanks to all who have supported this effort over the years – what a long and strange journey it has been! It has been my privilege to be guided by and learn from many incredible people, including my 35 year “Pen Pal” Howard Gardner from the beginning in 1987. Your voice has always been there.
Branton Shearer

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Branton Shearer,

Ph.D. Founder and President

Multiple Intelligences Research

“I don’t think there’s anybody on the planet who knows as much about MI as does Branton Shearer”

Genet Jeanjean,
Boston Global Communications and Performance Inc.

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