After 35 years of building The MIDAS the time has come to let others carry on with the mission of bringing the power of Multiple Intelligences to the world.  MIDAS Profiles are now available from aMI in the Netherlands (English and Dutch), Psychological Publishing Company in Taiwan and Nurture Craft in Singapore.


Assn. for Multiple Intelligences.    www.stichtingami.nl/      Frits Schoeren <mail@fritsschoeren.nl>


Psychological Publishing Company Ltd..   Eric Lin.   <psychoco@ms15.hinet.net>


Nurture Craft.   Henry Toi <henrytoi@live.com>


My thanks to all who have supported this effort over the years – what a long and strange journey it has been! It has been my privilege to be guided by and learn from many incredible people, including my 35 year “Pen Pal” Howard Gardner from the beginning in 1987. Your voice has always been there.

Thanks, Branton Shearer

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“I don’t think there’s anybody on the planet who knows as much about MI as does Branton Shearer" Genet Jeanjean, Boston Global Communications and Performance Inc.

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The MIDAS provides a comprehensive description of a person’s intellectual potential and is used by individuals, families, schools and businesses around the world. For Profiles contact aMI (Dutch and English - www.stichtingami.nl/ ) and Psychological Publishing Company in Taiwan (Eric Lin. )


Recognized as the Gold Standard for Multiple Intelligences Assessment
Multiple Intelligences

Dr. Howard Gardner has identified eight distinct forms of intelligence that we all possess in varying degrees of skill and ability.


An important key to life success and happiness is understanding your unique MI profile of abilities. The MIDAS is the gold standard in MI assessment for people of all ages.


Understanding the neural architectures of the multiple intelligences is providing deep insights into how our cognitive "tools" are best used in life and in education.


MI and The MIDAS are being used in schools, classrooms, and on the job for people of all ages. Parents can use MIDAS-KIDS to better understand their children. Teachers can obtain profiles for entire classes and individuals. Career planning is enhanced with a MIDAS Profile.

Understanding the Multiple Intelligences

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“To my knowledge, The MIDAS represents the first effort to measure the Multiple Intelligences, which have been developed according to standard psychometric procedures. Branton Shearer is to be congratulated for the careful and cautious way in which he has created his instrument and offered guidance for its use and interpretation.” — Howard Gardner, Harvard University

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MIDAS™ has been translated into numerous languages and validated in several different countries for local use. Below are a few of the people and organizations who have partnered with MIResearch and Consulting to bring the MIDAS to their countries.

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    The MIDAS is being used by teachers, counselors, psychologists and business leaders around the world. Dr. Shearer has trained many educators to use MI theory to enhance instruction. Educators around the world have attended his presentations and MIDAS Certification workshops. He taught at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio for more than a decade.